MULTI-FUNCTION BIOFERTILIZER - Coexisting strains of naturally occurring soil microbes in a unique and unprecedented concentration.

OPTIMUM SOIL HEALTH - Builds soil organic matter, acts as a soil pH buffer, and provides a carbon food source for the microbes.

HIGH CELL DENSITY BOOSTER - State-of-the-art fermentation based method magnifies soil potency by amplifying CFU levels of each organism to peak level.

CYCLE NUTRIENTS EFFICIENTLY - Helps make macro and micro nutrients more bio-available for optimum plant uptake.

ENVIRONMENTALLY PREFERABLE - Exceeds the environmental performance of traditional fertilizers.

FIX ATMOSPHERIC NITROGEN - Billions of naturally-occurring bacteria that deliver freely-available atmospheric nitrogen to plants. Provides nitrogen naturally.

SOLUBILIZE PHOSPHOROUS - Facilitates in promoting more efficient release, utilization and delivery of bound phosphorous.

SUSTAINABILITY SOLUTION - Enrich the natural ecosystems and increase the value of our natural resources for the betterment of human kind with BIOMIX™ Organic Input Material.

BETTER THAN CONVENTIONAL - Consistently proven to be a superior alternative to chemical fertilizers.

DEVELOP ORGANIC FARM - Build your own state-of-the-art organic farm exceptional high quality crops.

OBTAIN CARBON CREDITS - Applies to big growers only. Use BIOMIX™ Organic Input Material and get carbon credits.

LESS ENERGY RESOURCE USAGE - Savings in water irrigation requirements, transport and storage costs.

TREAT AND CURE YOUR SICK TREES - Revive trees that are contaminated by dangerous pathogens.

TOTAL SOIL RECLAMATION - Remediation of chemical or hydrocarbon contamination in soil (no chemicals used).

TURN FYM INTO LIVE TOPSOIL - Apply BIOMIX™ Organic Input Material to decomposed manure and turn it into healthy microbe rich topsoil.

DUST (MITE) MANAGEMENT - Silence air/soil borne pathogenic pests by combining BIOMIX™ Organic Input Material with soil dust control techniques.

TOTAL SOIL OPTIMIZATION - Get as much organic matter into your soil as possible while maintaining C:N ratio standards.


NATURAL NITROGEN FIXER - Treated by Azotobacter, Azospirillum and Rhizobium strains

PHOSPHATE-SOLUBILIZER - Treated by Pseudomonas fluorscens and Bacillus strains

PLANT GROWTH PROMOTER - Primarily treated by Pseudomonas fluorscens strain

ORGANIC MATTER DECOMPOSER - Primarily treated by Trichoderma viride strain

FUNGAL PATHOGEN ANTAGONIST - Primarily treated by Trichoderma viride strain


PHYSICAL - Increase soil carbon content • Improve soil fertility • Repair soil structure • Improve water holding capacity • Reduce water usage (20% less) • Prevent soil erosion • Improve color, texture and growth of plant

CHEMICAL - Improve solubilization and uptake of minerals • Reduce chemical toxicity in soil • Balance soil pH • Enhance plant growth via release of vitamins, minerals and auxins • Provide residual effects for subsequent crops

BIOLOGICAL - Biological nitrogen fixation • Facilitate beneficial microbes to survive and proliferate in soil • Hasten flowering and maturity of crops • Enhance seed germination percentage • Control & cure soil-borne microbial crop diseases


CDFA - BIOMIX™ Organic Input Material is registered with the CDFA (California Dept. of Food & Agriculture) as Organic Input Material (OIM). CDFA is the gold standard for organic input certification for biofertilizers in agriculture. Visit to learn more.

EPP - BIOMIX™ Organic Input Material was awarded as an Environmentally Preferred Product (EPP) by SCS global from 2011-2012. SCS Global Services (SCS) is a global leader in third-party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, testing, and standards development.

INDOCERT - BIOMIX™ Organic Input Material is certified as organic by the Indian Organic Certification Agency, INDOCERT (An accredited OMRI organization).

BIOMIX [Organic Input Material] exceeds the environmental performance of traditional fertilizers. This could be a historic product because it increases crop yields while lowering impacts.
— Stan Rhodes, CEO of SCS Global