BIOMIX contains six proprietary, well-researched compounds to create effective and balanced soil amendment. The ingredients in BIOMIX work on three aspects to enabling sustainable farming: elevating levels of resistance to pathogenic diseases, providing vital nutrients including a natural source of NPK, which promotes long-term independently sustained farming. 

Boosting Colony Forming Units

BIOMIX™ Organic Input Material aims to elevate the natural microbial production of beneficial bacteria and fungi by process of fermentation during preparation. Specifically, the inert aluminum silicate powder in the composition hosts a dormant culture of beneficial bacteria. When used in conjunction with water, raw sugar and compost, these microbes start multiplying exponentially by the billions, forming a high cell density community of efficient microbes. The strains of microbes in BIOMIX™ Organic Input Material maximizes this efficiency. 

Ingredients that enable increased CFU count:

1. Trichoderma Viride and Pseudomonas fluorescens systematically resist attacks by targeting true pathogens, protecting the roots against parasitic fungi and promoting plant growth.

2. Rhizobium Leguminosarum, fixes nitrogen from the atmosphere, providing nitrates essential for DNA repair and nutrition for plant development.

3. Azotobacter is a key intermediary in the nitrogen cycle of the local ecosystem, releasing ammonium ions into the soil.

These unique strains help to provide a strong foundation for soil to enhance organic matter production and maintenance of key nutrients.

Justifying Organic

Prolonged exposure to chemical fertilizer use results in a physiological response that is extremely harmful to overall soil health and agricultural function. BIOMIX™ Organic Input Material includes a combination of organic anti-chemical compounds that have been shown to heal the soil from chemical imbalance and provide an overall rejuvenating effect. Under the license from CDFA, BIOMIX™ Organic Input Material is one of the few if not the first organic input material in the market to induce broad spectrum activity for sustained farming. A wide variety of soil conditioners claim to improve a number of soil physical properties, yet in spite of all the effort and money being spent, no technology has yet been evolved which is economically satisfactory. BIOMIX™ Organic Input Material promotes soil structure repair following chemical exposure and has documented environmental benefits. BIOMIX™ Organic Input Material is also a cost effective solution for the agricultural problems as big as these, and is only required in low doses. Lastly, BIOMIX consumes less energy and resources by improving water holding capacity, reducing the number of irrigation cycles required by at least two times. The nitrogen fixing bacteria keeps the soil hydrated and nutrient, and most importantly, keeping less greenhouse gasses from getting released into the atmosphere. BIOMIX aims to eliminate our dependence on chemical fertilizer use while enriching the natural ecosystems, thus increasing the value of our natural resources for the betterment of human kind through BIOTECHNOLOGY.

Targeting Soil Contamination

Industrial activities, agricultural chemicals, and improper disposal of waste are all examples of man-made contaminants that destroy and alter natural soil environments. Petroleum contamination alone has been implicated in a number of environmental challenges and eco-related conditions. BIOMIX includes the highest quality soil remediation compounds that have been shown to be beneficial to contaminated soil. Our organic cultures eliminate the chemical and metabolic toxicity in soil, increasing organic carbon content essential for soil restoration. The increase of local beneficial microbes targets and removes all traces of chemical or hydrocarbon contamination. Finally, the method of soil conditioning BIOMIX uses completely balances the soil pH, enhances biodegradation, and improves uptake of minerals. These three potent benefits of BIOMIX are essential to restoring soil back to a healthy, functional agricultural system.  

Phytophthora Contamination in Almond Trees  


Central Valley, California

After Treatment with BIOMIX

Phytophthora contamination significantly reduced after one application of BIOMIX.

BIOMIX Delivers

The BIOMIX formula contains highly effective ingredients that are either cutting edge or have historical use. This combination aims to potentiate the best plant growth performance while maintaining an integrated solution and providing long-term soil health benefits.