Complete Balanced Soil Optimizer

The idea behind BIOMIX was to create a fully-balanced microbial product. Our unique Trichoderma and Pseudomonas Fluorescens strains are formulated to help your roots turn up immunity levels to full throttle, while other ingredients assist in elevating nutritional components vital for plant growth, crop yield, and soil health. Our Azotobacter can help the soil naturally fix nitrogen and thus increase organic carbon content, while the synergistic effect of the microbes, led by our proprietary master culture, assists your agro-ecosystem in clearing away all adverse effects caused by intensive use of chemical fertilizers, rejuvenating your soil in the process.With BIOMIX, you would be transforming your soil into a high-population society of microorganisms that are fine-tuned into flawlessly working together to deliver peak performance for total soil optimization. The result for our satisfied clients is an extraordinary combination of productivity, profitability, sustainability, and state-of-the-art farming practices.

Actualizing your Organic Plantation with BIOMIX

What is it that separates the great farms from the good farms? Raw output is a factor, but what else? Is it the ability to produce high crop yields? Is it the ability to efficiently harvest under any conditions? Is it the ability to meet the needs of the present without diminishing opportunities for the future? Is it the ability to stay consistent and productive? The knack for maintaining profitability and value to the community indefinitely - forever? If that is what makes a great farm, then BIOMIX is the ideal plant food. Containing microbial culture designed to help the soil elevate levels of colony forming units (CFU), BIOMIX can help you to actualize your farm's true potential.


Cultivate your Dream Harvest

Perhaps the most remarkable advantage BIOMIX has in contrast to traditional bio-fertilizers is the implementation of breakthrough nitrogen-fixing technology. The implications for agriculture are enormous, as this state-of-the-art technology provides much of the plant's nitrogen needs organically and without the use of pricey and environmentally damaging fertilizers. Implementing this alone brings with it a solid framework for healthy crops, but adding our high-density mixed cultures to this foundation helps give BIOMIX its cutting edge results. BIOMIX is designed to be one of the most potent organic matter enhancing multi-nutrient based bio-product available, and the results are surreal and go beyond expectations. Where will you grow? What will you create? It's all up to you.

BIOMIX — Microbial Super Group

The BIOMIX consortium is home to a dynamic group of microbes, each strain specially developed to coexist with the rest and work together to provide maximum output. After years of research, the creators of BIOMIX isolated, identified and optimized a process based on fermentation technology using it to create BIOMIX - the Microbial Super Group. The resulting compound has been shown to repair contaminated soil in clinical studies. The natural manner in which these unique strains work to provide the absolute best for your farm is what's at the heart of the formula. BIOMIX is the perfect marriage of nature's secrets with the miracle of today's advancements in biotechnology.

Get in the High-Grade Zone

Many growers know what it feels like to be on the winning side. Your field is fertile, your crops grow effortlessly, and your harvest meets your expectations. An entire field of agricultural biotechnology has grown up around preparing the grower's soil to get into this state. Certainly preparation and agro-ecological factors play a role, but what if it also has something to do with your actual soil chemistry? What if high immunity not only boosted your crop yield, but your crop quality as well? What if enhanced organic matter improve growth dexterity instead of just general locomotion? What if consistent soil health and disease resistant microbes can help keep you cool and collecting during trials and tribulations of competition?

We challenge you to judge for yourself. Take a look at some of our photos, and witness our results. Give it a try yourself, and let us hear your amazing story.