The potential of microorganisms being used in biofertilizer products for soil health are well known. Thus far, most biofertilizers on the market are monostrain bacterial/ fungal cultures. Use of multiple microorganisms are more beneficial for the soil compared to single microbe inputs. BIOMIX™ Organic Input Material is a multiple microbe consortium of locally isolated eight potent microorganisms combining the potential of multiple microbes into one single soil input. The formulation technology of BIOMIX™ ensures survival, proliferation, and co-existence of microorganisms with significantly high cell count. The selected microorganisms are well adapted to the agro-climate and soil conditions of the target area. BIOMIX-I™ and BIOMIX-V™ is the ideal input recommended for use in all agricultural and horticultural produce for ensuring better harvests and consistent soil health and fertility, providing sustainability in multiple ways under both integrated and organic farming management systems.